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Telewave, Inc. designs and manufactures high quality radio system equipment for domestic and international markets. We support conventional two-way radio systems, as well as Cellular, SMR, GSM, Trunking, Paging, and Broadcast services. Our customers include wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies.

Since 1972, Telewave, led by President and founder Ray Collins, has focused on the needs of our customers, providing the finest American made radio system products, and the quickest
on-time delivery record in the industry.

Telewave is certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 - View ISO Certificate


Telewave products provide the vital link between transmitter, receiver, and antenna. Efficient power transfer from multiple transmitters, elimination of intermodulation, and selection of desired signals are some of the characteristics of our products, many of which began life as custom designs for specific requirements.

  • Transmitter Combiners cover 118-960 MHz with low loss and high power handling, and form the core of our product line. Models are available for all frequency bands with simple expansion modules to accommodate system growth. Ceramic enhancement for 700-960 Mhz provides the industry's highest "Q" factor.

  • Receiver Multicouplers amplify and distribute signals from a common antenna to multiple receivers. Models are available with up to 192 balanced outputs, with unity or higher gain. A single rack width unit (1 3/4" high) can feed 16 channels.

  • Filters and Cavities in the 30-1200 MHz range eliminate interfering signals, and provide maximum isolation for transmitters and receivers on a common antenna. Transmitter sidebands are attenuated by 80 dB or more, and high-Q cavities are available with diameters up to 10 inches.

  • Test Equipment has been a staple of the Telewave product line from the beginning, and our Model 44 Wattmeter is an industry standard. With no elements or bandswitching required, the 44A and 44L1 allow accurate measurements from 2-1000 MHz, at up to 500 watts. Other products include the PM5 / PM10 series of 19" rack mount power monitors.

  • Duplexers are a primary component of most radio systems, allowing a transmitter and receiver to be connected to a common antenna. Telewave duplexers cover 30-1200 MHz, with some models offering over 100 dB isolation. Base station models handle up to 500 watts, and a range of compact mobile duplexers is also available.

  • Antennas round out our site equipment product line, and Telewave's innovative engineering produces the industry's toughest antenna systems. Yagi, Fiberglass Collinear, Dipole and Discone models are available from 33-3000 MHz, with gain from unity to 12 dBd. Our exclusive TXYLAN® coating makes Telewave Yagi, Dipole and Discone antennas impervious to the most severe environments, and our COOL BLUE® fiberglass vertical antennas blend into the skyline, while providing high flexibility and absorption of solar radiation to speed de-icing.

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